Industry Impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The impacts of coronavirus and COVID-19 continue to be felt differently across various industries. During resulting quarantines, some industries have seen a rise in demand and a push to be deemed “essential” for local, state, and national governments, while other industries have experienced a decline in demand or have struggled to survive numerous shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders.

As our research team continues to update our industry reports based on individual industries’ felt impacts, we are offering the content below for free. Industry information is updated regularly, so check back often for the latest.

How Specific Industries Are Affected

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its data on “Employees on Payrolls by Industry Sector for May.” This data, issued June 5th, accounts for changes in employment for the month of May.

This chart provides the change from the previous month. Click here to view the data.

This analysis examines industry-specific data by taking into account the percentage of companies approved for a PPP loan vis-a-vis how hard that particular industry was hit by the virus. For example, one of the hardest hit industries is restaurants. What percentage of restaurants received a loan? In comparison, thus far, one of the least impacted industries is finance and insurance. What percentage of finance and insurance firms received a loan?