High Touch Coaching in a High-Tech World

Tony Cole, Anthony Cole Training Group

Technology has forever changed the landscape for banking and transacting across all financial services. Technology has also dramatically impacted the relationship between sales managers and their salespeople. Today, most communication is mobile, screen based, cryptic and distant. How does a sales leader bridge the technology gap and coach their sales team to success given these technology barriers and remote offices? How can they provide high touch coaching in this high-tech world?

The challenge we face is how to leverage technology to be additive but not so controlling that it is destructive. In the world of financial services, search engines allow prospects to explore products and become knowledgeable. This can save bankers time they had formerly spent in educating those new to the product and it can also lend credibility and be additive.

Similarly, data from technology resources such as CRMs, is valuable for a sales manager to inspect and identify the choke points in their relationship manager’s sales process. But technology is not the answer to the remaining keys to coaching such as demonstrating and role-playing sales skills and developing action plans for improvement.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn how to leverage technology and data to o=uncover the story beneath - where a salesperson might be struggling
  • Understand and address typical weaknesses of Sales Managers
  • 5 Keys to Coaching - the Why, What, and How to improve coaching skills immediately

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High-Touch Coaching in a High-Tech World