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Vertical IQ & Abrigo: Lending Made Easy

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We are excited that Vertical IQ’s Industry Intelligence is available within the Abrigo platform through our partnership to support credit analysts for underwriting, risk analysis, credit memos, and more. With the integration Abrigo users have access to the platform’s financial benchmarks and specialized industry insights right at their fingertips, saving them time and streamlining the lending process.

Integration benefits

  • Drive efficiency: The utilization of Vertical IQ throughout the lending process will save users time and drive efficiency by providing the right information, in the right place, at the right time, and having targeted insights at every step of the process. This includes highly relevant Call Prep Questions, which will appear as outstanding activities on Abrigo’s customer summary page.
  • Surface relevant content: Vertical IQ’s industry content and insights will be available in Abrigo’s document library, where users can access a Credit and Risk Brief to provide context around an industry after submitting loan application data. This brief will incorporate focused Industry Intelligence that benefits users by solidifying their value proposition.
  • Provide support for credit analysts: The underwriting metrics from the Vertical IQ platform will be provided on Abrigo’s Customer Profile, which include benchmarks for analysts to assess risk and underwrite against.

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