Something special came to life in 2010. Sitting in a Raleigh, N.C. coffee shop, start-up whiz Bobby Martin, senior banking consultant Nick Miller, and tech solutions expert Bill Walker started doodling on napkins. They wanted to create something different — a life-growth business that filled the gap between basic business data and traditional sales intelligence. They believed they could solve serious sales challenges while creating a unique business culture that prioritized people over technology.
Susan Bell soon joined the team and provided the vision for creating a unique approach to customer success. The customer became their focus. Instead of simply designing a better Industry Intelligence “mousetrap” and telling sales professionals to use it, the team would hit the road first to ASK them what they wanted and needed.

We Listened, and We Learned

During those road trips in 2010, we learned that the sales tools and information sales pros currently had weren’t working. They didn’t need more content — they wanted better content. Today’s sales professionals need actionable, convenient, and focused Industry Intelligence with the right types of detailed analysis and financial specifics to win, grow, and retain more business.
So we built a brand new platform to solve these issues — and we scrapped it. Why? Because it was wrong. While it addressed some of the key challenges our future customers faced, it still wasn’t comprehensive enough (or easy enough to use) to meet our standards. Regardless of time and cost, we knew we had to do it right. So, we started from scratch, engineering an easy-to-use and unmatched Industry Intelligence platform and officially launching Vertical IQ in 2011 with an array of advanced sales tools that leading businesses and sales professionals rely on today.

Getting to Know You

That’s where you come in. We know you have unique problems to solve. We understand that those working in Accounting, Banking, Insurance, Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs), Technology, and Consultants need highly specific data and strategic insight. We also know everyone needs a little extra support sometimes. And here’s what you should know about us: We’re fully invested in your success. We started out listening, and we continue to do so. We want your feedback, and you’ll see our solutions and services shift to serve you better as we move forward together.

Doing the Right Thing

We’ve built a powerhouse team since our launch, pulling in proven business leaders like CPA and seasoned entrepreneur Ken Taylor as CFO, marketing pro David Buffaloe as president, and an array of incredible talent across research, analytics, technology, and customer success.
In keeping with our founders’ original intention to build a true life-growth business, we take great care of our people, infusing fun and flexibility into operations. Because our people are happy, they work hard to ensure our customers feel the same. And when our customers are happier, Vertical IQ expands, our team grows, and our solutions remain on the cutting edge.
We continue to put people before tech solutions, and our business priorities directly reflect this. We call them the 3Cs: Culture, Customers, and Company (in that order). That’s right: The company’s bottom line is actually the last on our list of priorities. Which is reflected in our actions, like sharing free industry-specific Current Condition updates with everyone who needs them at no cost.
Why? Because we care: about our team, our customers, and the world at large. It’s just who we are. It’s also why you’ll love working with Vertical IQ.