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“In La Crosse, Wisconsin, dentists are a huge industry. Our bank sends out several letters to all the dentists in the area telling them about State Bank Financial and then chooses the ones to pursue based on their responses. For the dentists I was able to contact, I began my research with Vertical IQ. My common routine: first view the profile of the industry and then watch all available videos several times. The videos are especially helpful in gaining quick insight when I’m in a rush.

My most recent success was with a dentist where I’d previously closed over $1 million in loans. This same dentist later opened several satellite offices, which led to another couple million in loans. This was huge for my bank because it also led to several referrals.”

Terry Crolius, VP of Business Banking Solutions, State Bank Financial

“We recently hired a new banker and I was asked to introduce him to a client at a family-owned law firm. This client is a reserved and relatively closed individual, which makes him a little difficult to speak with. Before the meeting, I reviewed the “Call Prep Questions” and “How Firms Operate?” within Vertical IQ to better prepare myself and th