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line grpahic Is designed specifically for sales call preparation and winning more customers. Our Industry Profiles meet the call preparation needs of advisors and sales professionals who are calling on businesses. Featuring concise videos, call prep summaries, client-shareable content, and summary dashboards, each profile includes tailored call prep questions and industry news articles to help prepare for sales calls quickly.

line grpahic Helps teams incorporate Industry Intelligence into their sales process. Our proprietary SalesKit offers tools to help your team incorporate industry insights into sales activities throughout the sales process. We even provide videos with tips from proven sales experts. Vertical IQ delivers more than just industry research; we give your team the tools to help put that research into action.

line grpahic Has more timely content: Our Industry Profiles are updated monthly with new industry news articles, employment figures, and wage data, and we also include Quarterly Insights for each profile. Our competitors only make updates to their profiles every six months. Plus, we review the entire profile at least annually.

line grpahic Includes customizable content. We allow our customers to add their own customized content to their user interface for each Industry Profile — for example, highlighting their credit risk appetite for that industry. We also allow users to add their own notes to each industry. There are no customization options offered by the competition.

line grpahic Offers local economic data.In order to offer expertise in your local markets, we provide up-to-date local economic and real estate data for over 3,400 metropolitan statistical areas and counties in the U.S. Our competition provides little or no local economy data.

line grpahic Offers robust credit underwriting content and industry risk ratings. The enhanced Credit Underwriting and Risks insight contains useful data to inform lenders’ credit decisions. It includes all of the platform’s previously available industry and company risk-related content, plus a proprietary Industry Risk Rating, key industry and economic performance metrics, a Financial Comparison Toolkit, and industry-specific credit underwriting-related questions to consider before lending.

line grpahic Has banker-specific intelligence. Our Industry Profiles contain certain banking-specific content, such as banking solutions for specific industry issues, bank product usage by small businesses, examples of capital equipment purchases, and working capital challenges. The competition doesn’t.

line grpahic Lists and analyzes financial benchmarks. Our Industry Profiles include industry averages for common financial benchmarks such as current ratio, quick ratio, days inventory, days receivables, etc. We also include average income statements and balance sheets for use in analyzing the financial strength of a prospective customer. You won’t find this on the competition’s site.


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