Get the Industry Intelligence your team needs to boost sales success.

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Get newer associates up to speed on clients’ and prospects’ industries, quickly building confidence.

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Set your organization apart from the crowd by understanding and addressing the nuances of a business.

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Share insights about common industry challenges and opportunities to continuously nurture relationships.

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Industry Intelligence enables you to learn about an industry in a flash.

With new team members coming on board frequently, you need to get them up to speed quickly on prospects or the accounts they will service. Industry Intelligence can teach them the ins and outs of clients’ and prospects’ industries in as little as 5 minutes.

  • Forget Googling. In just minutes, gain the industry expertise needed to boost confidence on calls and have more tailored conversations with clients and prospects.
  • In the office or on the go, access easy-to-digest Industry Intelligence covering more than 97 percent of the businesses that comprise the economy.
  • Give your team the tools they need to thrive, increasing sales success and employee retention.
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Make your mark as an organization that truly knows their clients.

Differentiation is the name of the game . Outsourced service providers like business process outsourcing companies, human capital management firms, and professional employer organizations must find a way to stand out. Industry Intelligence ensures you will rise above the crowded field with your ability to provide customized solutions.

  • Learn about how a client’s or prospect’s industry operates – such as common risks or trends – and use that insight to offer more tailored advice and solutions.
  • Arm yourself with better questions and have better conversations focused on the industry-specific issues that matter most to a business owner.
  • Expand your organization's reach by exploring new industry niches to prospect.
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Become an indispensable, value-added resource to your clients.

Once you close a sale, the work has just begun. How do you retain existing clients when competitors are knocking at their door? By nurturing the relationship with Industry Intelligence from Vertical IQ.

  • Build your equity in the relationship by sharing Industry Intelligence as a useful touchpoint.
  • Continue to connect the dots between the latest trends or challenges in the client’s industry and the tailored solutions your organization can provide.
  • Reduce client churn and become a valuable outsourced partner by staying attuned to the nuances of their industry and alerting them to new risks or opportunities.
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Show clients you have the expertise needed to be on their team.

Don’t let your business process outsourcing, human capital management, or professional employer organization services make you seem like an outsider. Quickly get to know the intricacies of your clients’ and prospects’ industries so you can offer the best-fit solutions for their unique needs. Incorporating Industry Intelligence into your sales, marketing, and customer success processes is a low-cost, high-reward strategy that will help you win over new business and retain existing accounts.

You’ll be the BPO businesses are clamoring to work with!

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