Vertical IQ Buyers Journey illustration

Use Industry Intelligence During the Awareness Stage to:

  • Educate yourself on current industry challenges and opportunities
  • Follow up on leads and deliver industry-specific info during cold prospecting
  • Inform marketing content and promotions
  • Identify new target markets for your solutions and services
awareness illustration
consideration illustration

Use Industry Intelligence During the Consideration Stage to:

  • Connect the value of your solutions to a prospect's specific business challenges and goals
  • Properly prepare for calls and meetings
  • Share relevant news articles and industry insight
  • Re-engage lost leads via emails, calls, and meetings
  • Demonstrate confidence and build trust

Use Industry Intelligence During the Decision Stage to:

  • Detail exactly why a buyer should choose you
  • Demonstrate deep industry expertise
  • Discuss specific business challenges, industry trends, and opportunities
  • Share highly relevant, industry-specific content and presentations
decision illustration
adoption illustration

Use Industry Intelligence During the Adoption Stage to:

  • Deliver industry-specific training and on-boarding
  • Provide clients with sharable content to enable organizational change
  • Help end users understand the business reasoning and benefits of new solutions
  • Foster adoption for better results and ROI

Use Industry Intelligence During the Loyalty Stage to:

  • Provide an exceptional customer experience
  • Maintain engagement using news and trends
  • Add value with industry-specific projections and impacts of current events like COVID-19
  • Share quarterly updates
  • Help clients understand financial statistics
loyalty illustration
Advocacy illustration

Use Industry Intelligence During the Advocacy Stage to:

  • Increase industry referrals and expand your business
  • Continue to add value with shareable content, industry-specific presentations, and detailed regional and economic data
  • Identify industry trade organizations