Get Ahead of the Pack with Vertical IQ

Whether you’re a seasoned professional dedicated to one niche, a rookie generalist, or somewhere in the middle, Vertical IQ has an Industry Intelligence solution designed specifically for your needs.

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From comprehensive Industry Profiles to 5-minute Prep Sheets, Local Economic data, and more — our Industry Intelligence tools arm you with the expertise you need to close more deals and win more business.

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Industry List

With hundreds of Industry Profiles, we cover over 97 percent of the US economy's businesses. Each Industry Profile contains over 30 pages of the latest Industry Intelligence.

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Our mobile app gives you Vertical IQ access on the go, and our robust API can populate your customer relationship management system, Intranet, marketing documents, or website.

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Choose from our “Freemium” version, individual Industry Profile purchase, or a Vertical IQ full subscription. We have an option to fit your budget.

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Add value to clients by incorporating Vertical IQ into your sales, marketing, and relationship management processes.

Let us do the heavy lifting of research, and elevate your industry expertise with access to our no-frills industry platform. Contact us today to learn more, or get started for free!

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