Using Industry Intelligence Across Your Bank

Industry Intelligence is not a one-trick pony! Vertical IQ helps across many different departments and teams within the bank enterprise. See where and how we help below.

Prepare for strategic, value-added discussions with prospects/customers and underwrite risks with greater precision. Differentiate your retail team from your competition by quickly and easily preparing valuable insights for meetings with small business owners. Create industry-specific campaigns and tailored collateral with profitable industries such as dentist offices, engineering firms, veterinarians, and many others. Get a handle on payment cycle data and working capital analysis while also saving time with treasury management product decisions. Understand business challenges for a more value-added discussion, and use Business Valuation data prior to the sale of a business and the resulting wealth transfer. Learn the ins and outs of the industry’s expenditures by category (including potential cash flow challenges), then review Financial Benchmarks. Uncover and mitigate loan industry risk factors and gain industry knowledge surrounding commercial loan concentrations, with in-depth analysis including our proprietary Industry Risk Rating. Streamline underwriting research on fragmented industries’ trends and valuations and get macroeconomic information on worldwide market sizing and potential geographic- or country-specific opportunities. Include the Industry Risk Ratings, financial statistics, and loan default rates to score loans with greater precision. Get specific information about issues that may be relevant to employee satisfaction and retention by examining the Industry Trends and common challenges within the niche. Business and Commercial Banking Vertical IQ Industry Intelligence Throughout the Enterprise Commercial/ Business Card Services Small Business Platform Lending Wealth Management/ Investments Private Equity/ Corporate Banking Bank Marketing Teams Credit Underwriting Treasury Management Group Banking Small Business/ Branch/Virtual Banking

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