How to Build a "SMART" Sales Organization

By using a “SMART” strategy to manage client relationships — one that incorporates personalization and industry expertise into every client interaction — your team will boost your organization’s sales conversion success and deepen relationships.

More than ever, today’s business owners are in need of customized guidance from their advisors. They need trusted allies supporting them ― people who know the needs and objectives of their unique business but also understand the key trends and issues that are occurring within their industry. This eBook shows how to build a smarter sales organization by encouraging your team to incorporate Industry Intelligence into each client interaction, building trust and boosting conversions of prospects to happy clients.

You will learn the five ways relationship managers can use a SMART client strategy to serve as a trusted advisor to clients and prospects:
  • Strategic Mindset
  • Make Recommendations
  • Alternative Ideas
  • Real Conversations
  • Take Less and Give More


How to Build a
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