Maximizing Tool Adoption and Performance Today - Real World Tips

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Banks don’t invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on sales enablement tools or programs for them to sit idle or unused. When it comes to implementing a new tool into a banker’s routine, managers may often be met with objections and find themselves struggling to get their team on board.

So what can you do to lessen disruption and create a seamless adoption strategy that sets your team up for both initial and long-term success?  

Join us for this live webinar with Business Efficacy and Vertical IQ on the keys to successfully adopting sales enablement tools and programs into your banker’s routine and maximizing your bank’s investment. Simply put, championing adoption company-wide requires leadership engagement. The right leadership drives short and long term performance.

You will learn the fundamentals of tool and program adoption, including:
  • The business case for driving adoption today
  • Five key ways to create a strong initial adoption
  • Three critical success factors to gaining and sustaining full adoption
  • How to overcome obstacles along the way