On-Demand Webinar

Why Becoming a Local Economist is Essential


While a crystal ball into the future might not exist, we have something even better: statistics, including macroeconomic and local market insights. In this webinar Bobby Martin, Vertical IQ’s CEO and founder of financial advising firm, Tilly, shares his thoughts about why trusted advisors should become experts on their local economies. This webinar provides practical applications of how MSA-level economic data, available in the Vertical IQ platform, enables professionals to become local economists and therefore better trusted advisors.

A few highlights from this webinar:
  • How understanding your local economy benefits your career
  • Which insights are essential to know about your local economy
  • Using local trends to efficiently assess lending or investing risk with greater precision
  • A tour of our game-changing Localized Industry Data that is now available in the Vertical IQ platform

To understand what drives the success of a local company, it’s not enough to just know the economic landscape at the national level — or even the state level. Trusted advisors need to understand what is going on at the city or county level.

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