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Grow and Retain Business with In-Depth Industry Expertise

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For marketing leaders, managing partners, and accounting firms, knowing and engaging your prospects is key when it comes to business growth. There are always “greener pastures” when it comes to firms that clients can choose from – whether it boils down to pricing, convenience, quality of service, or a number of other factors – so it is important to “wow” your prospects in order to increase the likelihood they will choose your services.

So what can your firm provide to separate itself from the rest of the pack? What will it take for you to knock off the socks of your prospects and get to know them in a way other firms cannot?

Watch this on demand webinar with Lerman Strategies and Vertical IQ on the role industry specialization plays in differentiating your firm, growing your business, and retaining the very best clients. It doesn’t simply come down to knowing your clients: it’s about understanding the what, how, and why behind their wants, goals, and needs.  

You will learn how industry specialization:
  • Provides quality, timely, and accurate information to meet the demands of industry-specific clients, both new and existing
  • Assists in starting and implementing a programmed strategy for client experience in order to save time and effort
  • Reduces the risk of errors and maximizes the opportunity to give good advice
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