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Reenergize Your Focus on Small Business Banking as a High-Priority Growth Segment

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According to the Wall Street Journal, banks’ share of total commercial and industrial lending is at a mere 22 percent. It’s a symptom of banks serving Main Street less and many businesses seeking nontraditional lending sources. It’s time to re-energize your focus on small business banking. Do you really understand how they operate? What affects their decision-making? What gets their attention? Can your products or services address the critical gaps they need to fill?

This webinar features Mary Beth Sullivan, managing partner for Capital Performance Group and top banking thought leader, and Bobby Martin, Vertical IQ CEO, former banker, and author of The Hockey Stick Principles.

Learn how prioritizing small business banking can help you:

  • Understand why small business needs to be a high-priority growth segment for your bank.
  • Develop effective niche strategies, value propositions, marketing, and distribution models for acquiring more small business customers.
  • Analyze the motivations behind a small business’ decision to switch banks and assess what you must do to win and retain more business.