We've Got You Covered

Vertical IQ provides actionable, convenient, and focused Industry Intelligence that’s got you covered to prepare and differentiate yourself from your competition so that you win, grow, and retain more business.

Industry Intelligence helps you:
    • Quickly prepare for meetings with access to 920+ Industry Profiles that include key facts, financial data, industry news, trends, and more.
    • Offer business owners a local perspective by focusing on the local economics at play.
    • Keep prospects and customers ahead of rapidly shifting markets and trends across more than 97% of the U.S. economy and Canada.
    • Position yourself as a true insider with timely, localized information and industry analysis.

In addition, our first-of-its-kind Localized Industry Data has got you covered on industry-specific local market data down to the metropolitan statistical area (MSA) and county level — precise insights that have previously been difficult to find in one place — allowing you to understand the factors driving the success of local businesses.

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