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Thousands of accountants trust Vertical IQ to help them seal the deal and impress new clients by becoming business experts across industries. Our easy-to-digest industry insights help you:

  • Save time learning the nuances of your client's industry
  • Differentiate you from the competition
  • Build valuable, lasting relationships

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How Does Vertical IQ Help Me?

  • Prep for prospect meetings by understanding your client’s industry
  • Offer financial comparisons and assess competitive best practices to help potential clients and win their business
  • Provide clients and prospects with intelligence on the industries they sell to
  • Validate industry trends and events for valuation, litigation support, audit, consulting, and other engagements
  • Offer strategic planning services, such as helping clients decide which new markets to enter
  • Build industry-specific campaigns, collateral, and content Improve your marketing with industry-specific insight and content
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Benefits of Vertical IQ

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Your potential clients need strategic insight that goes beyond accounting guidance. Win their business by understanding their industry and business environment so that you become an indispensable team member.

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Timely and Time-Saving Content

We’ve researched for you. Provide timely, strategic insight specific to your potential client’s industry without spending a lot of time on research.

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Shareable Content

This is content clients and prospects want, so delight them by sharing it! Deliver financial comparisons and detailed local economic data, to differentiate yourself from the competition.

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Support Your Recommendations

Validate industry trends for valuations, litigation support, audits, and more.

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