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Vertical IQ has partnered with Abrigo to bolster credit analysis for underwriting, risk analysis, credit memos, and more. With the integration with Abrigo, users have access to financial benchmarks and specialized industry insights right at their fingertips, which saves time and streamlines the lending process.

Vertical IQ and Abrigo help manage risk effectively and facilitate more comprehensive credit decisions. The solutions work in sync to provide specialized industry insights and financial benchmarks right at your fingertips, enabling you to streamline the lending process, save hours of time and research, and engage with customers on a deeper level.

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Drive Efficiency

By providing the correct information at the right time, you can save users time and drive efficiency.

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Surface Relevant Content

Access to content that provides context around an industry after loan application data is submitted.

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Boost Credibility

Be more informed and better assess risk, making thorough, educated lending decisions by sharing relevant industry underwriting metrics

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Drive Efficiencies

Vertical IQ throughout the lending process will save users time and drive efficiency by providing the correct information at the right time. This includes relevant Call Prep Questions, which appear as outstanding activities on Abrigo’s customer summary page.

  • Available without the Dynamic Application (DYA) module requirement, the integration information is no longer solely triggered by "loan starts."
  • Integration data is triggered by an "Order" button on the Customer Profile page, which offers On-Demand or "Ad Hoc" functionality. The information is accessible via the Customer Profile.
Vertical IQ has integrated with Abrigo to showcase industry insights on Abrigos platform to bolster the lending process.
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Surface Relevant Content

The integration provides access to content that provides context around an industry after loan application data is submitted. Vertical IQ industry content can be found in Abrigo’s document library and surrounding Credit and Risk Brief.

Quick access to the Industry Intelligence you asked for in the right Abrigo locations:

    • LOS Customer Profile (Financial Ratios & Risk Metrics)
    • Relationship Manager / CRM (Call Prep Questions)
    • Document Library (Credit & Risk Brief, Training Documents)

Boost Credibility

By sharing impactful, measurable, and relevant industry underwriting metrics on Abrigo’s Customer Profile, you will be more informed and can better assess risk, making thorough, educated lending decisions.

Easily access Vertical IQ's Industry Intelligence to support your underwriting and credit analysis for:

    • New Loans
    • Credit Memos
    • Credit Renewals
Boost credibility for new loans, credit memos, and credit renewals

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