A Credit Renaissance: Reduce Underwriting Lending Risk and Revive the Lost Art of Credit Analysis Using Industry Intelligence

Let us paint a picture: At many banks, your most seasoned lenders are retiring, replaced by green bankers who lack hard-won experience and in-depth knowledge about your commercial credit prospects. Add to the picture the fact that some of your newer bankers may simply be checking boxes when gathering data and documentation on a prospective credit deal, lacking the financial accounting skills needed to accurately analyze salient details.

A lot is riding on the credit lending decisions made by banks’ chief lending officers and chief operating officers, but you’re only as good as the information your credit team provides.

In this ebook, written in collaboration with Credit Training, Inc. founder David Nicholson, you’ll learn how less-experienced credit analysts, portfolio managers, and commercial lenders on your team can utilize Industry Intelligence to paint a detailed picture of the prospect’s financial situation, while also saving time. We will explore:

  • Why access to credit is the backbone of small businesses
  • The mindset of an effective analyst
  • How understanding credit and industry helps lenders better analyze a company
  • The art and science behind an effective credit write-up
  • Ways to add depth and context to credit analysis using Industry Intelligence

Ready to commence a credit renaissance at your bank, incorporating Industry Intelligence into your lending processes to reduce risk and improve credit analysis? Download this free ebook today!


A Credit Renaissance: Reduce Underwriting Lending Risks