Become an Expert in Local Economies

Frustrated by what they perceive as a lack of responsiveness (particularly during the U.S. Payroll Protection Program’s initiation process), SMB owners are moving their business banking accounts. If you want to keep their business, you need to act now.

Join Jack Hubbard, Chief Experience Officer of St. Meyer & Hubbard, and Vertical IQ’s founder & CEO Bobby Martin as they demonstrate the value and impact of local economic data in your SMB banking relationships.

You’ll learn why regional and local economic data is vital to saving and maintaining your SMB relationships along with real-world tips to provide the responsiveness and data relevance SMBs demand today.

In this video, lean how to:
  • Articulate local economic trends affecting SMBs now
  • Explore regional opportunities for business transformation
  • Align financial projections with local economy realities


Become An Expert In Local Economies