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About Vertical IQ

Vertical IQ is an innovative industry research solution that helps prepare bankers who call on businesses and professionals. With actionable content covering over 300 industries, Vertical IQ quickly turns you into an industry expert, helping bankers land new business and retain existing customers.

Our industry research has been incorporated into the successful sales processes of banks of all sizes, used in their retail branches, small business and commercial banking, treasury services, and more. By arming bankers with easy-to-digest industry insight, Vertical IQ saves call preparation time and helps differentiate you from the competition–building valuable relationships with your business customers by having smarter conversations.

What makes Vertical IQ so unique? Our 300+ Industry Profiles are written by bankers, for bankers, and we also partner with expert sales and marketing consultants to develop high-impact, tactical content. Utilizing the industry intelligence found on Vertical IQ improves bankers’ sales pipelines, call preparation, follow-ups, touch-points, and solidifies customer relationships.



Bobby Martin

Co-founder, President

Startup whiz who digs industry research, call preparation, and talks too much. Angel investor, The Hockey Stick Principles author, former banker, Appalachian State alumni, hiking, sports of all types, Federer wanna-be, mountains, questioning authority, and his fav musician is Ryan Adams.


Bill Walker

Co-founder, EVP Product Strategy

With over 35 years of technology product management experience, the “old man” of the team, also known as “the doctor”. Fan of craft beers, wine, good food, watching sports, and creating limericks. Formerly a serious golfer, now a Crossfit devotee, along with his wife (the real athlete in the family). A lover of all dogs, especially golden retrievers.


Susan Bell

Co-Founder, Senior Sales Director

Former banker, current industry intelligence guru with a passion for helping bankers differentiate themselves. A musician and avid shoe collector. Can be found most days walking on the beach before heading to the office. 100% morning person and total mom (minus the jeans).


Chris Suggs

Senior Sales Director

17 years of extensive banking background, now spends his days helping banks improve their sales process. Used to shoot hoops for his college team, now swings clubs on the links. The beach is his go-to relaxation spot – nothing beats a late afternoon on the sand, except maybe an early morning tee-time.


Brad C. Breeding

Senior Sales Director

Former financial planner, professional speaker, author, and sales professional. Has been known to break dance, enjoyed surfing as a youth, and claim to fame is once playing basketball with Michael Jordan. Inspiration comes from faith, family, friends… and happy customers!


Nicolle Bouffard

Director of Bank Success

13-year banker turned matchmaker – connecting customers with the industry tools they need for a successful relationship! Bourbon snob with a passion for jazz. When not working, you can probably find her on a sailboat or anything else that floats on the water.


Laura Stidham

Director of Marketing

Prom queen turned marathon runner (never again) with a weakness for junk food and a love for live music. Marketing wiz, sailing aficionado, and living proof that big things come in small packages. Dog mom to the best dog in the world, and Vertical IQ mascot, Rudder the Golden.


Drake Branson

Director of Business Analytics

Equal parts strategist, marketer, and company handyman. Traveler & outdoorsman with a love for dogs, good espresso, and anything competitive (yes, even toe wrestling). AppState grad/soccer player/coach and former winner of the “Best Dressed” senior superlative.


Amy Short

Director of Research

Industry analyst of over 15 years and fierce competitor in Words with Friends. Often found lounging by the pool, crafting, watching sci-fi or cooking. Loves football, travel, tasty beverages, and living by the seaside with her husband and two children.


Beth Potter

Director of News

News junkie whose day is not complete without The Wall Street Journal (yes, it’s “The!”). When not immersed in news she enjoys arts and literature, dogs and horses, and taking her fabulous family on new adventures.


Ken Taylor


CPA and entrepreneur with over 30 years experience working with service and technology companies. Native North Carolinian, avid golfer, and runner. Loving life as a grandfather to three beautiful grandkids.


Mollie B. Burnham

Marketing and Operations Manager for Chairman

World traveler and adventurer, lived in the best three mountain ranges in the lower 48 and lover of all things grand. Digs camping, live music, fly fishing, skiing, and finding a true vintage treasure! She and Willow (true furry road warrior) spend their days managing Bobby and his shenanigans, never a dull moment!


Kevin Coughlin

Business Development & Analytics Associate

Recent graduate and survivor of East Carolina University (Go Pirates!) with a passion for small business and burritos. Sales support specialist, golfer, and Hockey Star, according to his mom. Lover of video games and Netflix. Claims to have read a book once.

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