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Content Partners

Barlow Research Associates, Inc.

We license Barlow Research’s survey data on usage of banking products by small businesses to give users insight into how frequently different products are used within each industry. Barlow Research Associates, Inc., founded in 1980, provides research and consulting services to the banking industry in the US and overseas with specialties in custom research, strategic consulting and syndicated research programs for small business, middle market and business Internet banking. Learn more at

Bizminer, Inc.

We use Bizminer data for industry financial benchmarks, business failure rates, and new business startups. This data is particularly useful for credit analysis and to help bankers compare a client’s financial performance to industry averages. BizMiner produces the most granular industry statistical reports in the market. They offer industry financial analysis benchmarks for over 5,000 lines of business and industry market trends on thousands more. Learn more at


Inforum is a research center of the Economics Department at the University of Maryland. Since its founding in 1967, Inforum has been dedicated to improving business planning, government policy analysis, and the general understanding of the economic environment. Inforum provides forecasts of sales growth over the next five years for each industry to help bankers identify opportunities and risks. These forecasts are based on the Inforum interindustry economic models of the US economy. Learn more at

Local Market Monitor, Inc.

We use Local Market Monitor’s insight into local economies and real estate markets to help bankers have better conversations with business owners. Local Market Monitor is the leader in residential market analysis and forecasting for banks and investors. Local Market Monitor’s tools help banks make decisions involving home equity loans, mortgages, and HELOC’s by providing tools for stress testing and compliance reporting. Learn more at

Solution Partners


PrecisionLender is a pricing management platform used by thousands of relationship managers at banks ranging in size from less than $1 billion to greater than $1 trillion. Andi®, PrecisionLender’s virtual pricing analyst, uses artificial intelligence to glean insights from the thousands of deals priced daily in the platform. Delivering the right information at the right time helps bankers create a better experience for their customers. For more information, visit

Sales Consultants

Clarity Advantage, Inc.

Clarity has incorporated Vertical IQ content into its sales training courses for business bankers. Clarity accelerates bank sales to small and medium enterprises through consulting, training, coaching, communication, and content marketing services that generate more profitable relationships – faster. Learn more at

MZ Bierly Consulting, Inc.

MZ Bierly Consulting, Inc. helps bankers build relationships with business owners and professionals to increase loans, deposits and fees. We work with bank sales leaders to improve the consistency of their messaging, change the behaviors of their sales teams, and address infrastructure issues that impact top-line results. Learn more at

St. Meyer & Hubbard

St. Meyer & Hubbard has developed a one-day Playbook, Using Vertical IQ Strategically. This workshop helps users better understand how to prepare for calls, how to execute calls and how to follow up with value using Vertical IQ as the linchpin. St. Meyer & Hubbard creates measurable and sustainable Performance Cultures for banks and credit unions through customized training for sales teams and managers. Led by the industry’s most dynamic classroom instructors, St. Meyer & Hubbard has earned a strong reputation for delivering practical skills for prospecting, relationship development and coaching around the concept of Trust-Based Selling and Resource Management. The process is anchored by the industry’s most unique measurement system my Performance Navigator.

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