Banking-Specific Content

How cash flows through businesses

Vertical IQ helps bankers understand the cash management needs of prospects. See how you can lead with discussions of their business, rather than just telling about products.

Banking solutions linked to business challenges

Vertical IQ links banking solutions to specific business challenges for each industry and provides relevant questions to ask customers.

Since Vertical IQ has already “connected the dots,” it’s easier for you to uncover your customers’ needs.

Insight That’s Easy To Get

Learn the way that works best for you

Short on time? Watch a video. Read a summary. Dive into the details. Industry insight can be accessed in multiple ways to suit you personally.

Stay up with industry news

Be a resource for customers and prospects by reading and passing along news articles for their industry.

Add Value Through Knowledge of Local Economy Trends

Get the latest data on job growth, unemployment, and housing for over 300 local economies throughout the U.S.

Target your sales and marketing

Compare industries by bank product usage, financial benchmarks, and local business growth. Quickly identify the most promising targets for sales and marketing campaigns.

Responsive Support And Ongoing Training

Vertical IQ proactively supports banks in their call preparation efforts through detailed reporting on usage, tips and best practices, training sessions, and timely user help.

Transforming Your Sales Team's Call Quality

Talks products rather than solutions Links products to customer needs

Generic understanding of financial needs of businesses Knowledgeable on the unique financial needs of businesses in different industries

Not on top of the latest industry and local economic news Adds value by sharing relevant news with prospects and clients