Across many industries, marketers are consistently asked to do more with less. Oftentimes, when the budgetary belt has to be tightened, marketing’s budget is the first to get trimmed. It’s an ongoing challenge for people in this line of work.

Those who market the accounting industry are no exception to this issue. You still need to share the story of how your firm is different from the competition, but you have a budget that gets tighter and tighter. And even as resources get cut, it is still critical that you be viewed as an integral member of the leadership team in order to help your firm grow.

Further complicating matters, many accounting firms’ 2020 marketing priorities have had to shift given unanticipated factors brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps you went into the year with a plan to build brand awareness, but you have had to shift to developing materials to support your sales team, which is now working remotely. Or maybe you had expected to focus on developing thought leadership content this year, but instead, you are redirecting time and money toward sales development strategies/tactics and client retention.

Doing more with less just got even more difficult in today’s volatile climate. Thankfully, Vertical IQ can help.

Accounting marketing webinar

Vertical IQ is excited to share that we are co-hosting a webinar with Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) on June 11 at 1:00 Eastern Time. It is free for AAM members and just $79 for non-members. Register here.

Entitled “Using Industry Intelligence to Grow Your Firm,” the webinar will feature Vertical IQ’s chief marketing officer, David Buffaloe, our EVP of sales, Susan Bell, and Kristen Lewis, director of marketing at accounting firm EisnerAmper. Kristen is also the former president of AAM.

During the webinar, these experts will discuss specific and tangible ways to use Industry Intelligence to elevate your role within your firm and gain a seat at the leadership table. You’ll also discover how understanding your clients’ and prospects’ industries (the drivers, latest news, trends, etc.) can help with:

  • Retention
  • Developing and generating new business
  • Cross-selling opportunities
  • Growing relationships
  • Delivering valuable thought leadership content…and more!

Reserve your spot on this June 11 webinar today! Register here.