Focus on problems and pain points.

  • Marketing Content/Promotions
  • Lead Follow-up
  • Cold Prospecting (emails/calls)
  • Identify New Target Markets

Focus on solutions, educating yourself, and helping prospect evaluate.

  • Warm Prospecting
  • Share Relevant News Articles
  • Call/Meeting Preparation
  • Post Call/Meeting Follow-up
  • Re-engage Lost Leads

Focus on differentiation and why the buyer should choose you.

  • Share Highly Relevant Content
  • Discuss Specific Challenges & Trends
  • Deliver Industry-Specific Presentation
  • Underwrite New Loans & Investments

Focus on education, reinforcing value, and driving usage.

  • Deliver Industry-Specific Training/Onboarding
  • Provide Clients With Shareable Content

Focus on value, staying top of mind, and delivering results.

  • Maintain Engagement Using News & Trends
  • Share Quarterly Updates
  • Help Clients Understand Financial Statistics

Focus on creating happy customers to serve as advocates.

  • Distribute Shareable Content
  • Deliver Industry-Specific Presentations
  • Identify Industry Trade Organizations
  • Increase Industry Referrals