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Thousands of consultants trust Vertical IQ to make them instant experts on their clients’ industries. Get access to the specific, timely, and actionable intelligence that transforms you into a trusted advisor.

Whether you provide consulting expertise in sales, marketing, HR, logistics, IT, workplace safety, or another area – you can win and keep more business by being an expert on your client’s business.

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What's Included with Vertical IQ

  • 600+ Industry Profiles covering over 97% of the US economy and Canada
  • 3,400+ Local Economic Profiles
  • Industry News
  • Sorting and Targeting Ability
  • Quarterly Update Emails
  • 17 Chapters per Profile
  • SalesKit
  • Industry Briefs
  • Mobile App Access
  • Much, Much More!
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Benefits of Vertical IQ

Researching industries and meeting with clients. Vertical IQ is a valuable resource
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Become Your Clients' Most Valuable Resource

Your clients need strategic insight about their industries - and the industries they sell to. Understand their business environment so that you become an indispensable member of their team.

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Timely and Time-Saving Content

We’ve done the research for you. Provide timely, strategic insight specific to your client’s industry - without spending a ton of research time.

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Shareable Content

This is content clients want, so delight them by sharing it! Deliver financial comparisons and detailed local economic data.

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Support Your Recommendations

Validate industry trends for valuations, litigation support, audits, and more.

How Does Vertical IQ Help Me?

  • Prep for client meetings by understanding your client’s industry
  • Look like an insider with industry and competitive analysis
  • Provide clients and prospects with intelligence on the industries they sell to
  • Validate industry trends and events for sales presentations, strategic analysis, valuation, litigation support, audit, consulting, and many other services
  • Help clients make strategic planning decisions, such as which new markets to enter
  • Build industry-specific campaigns, collateral, and content
  • Improve your marketing with industry-specific insight and content
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Vertical IQ’s Industry Intelligence Platform

See for yourself why nearly 60,000 users trust Vertical IQ for their industry research and call preparation needs. Our easy-to-digest industry insights save call preparation time and help differentiate you from the competition.

Build valuable, lasting relationships by having smarter conversations – check out Vertical IQ today.