Strategic purchase will enhance existing Industry Intelligence platform with robust new local economic conditions content

RALEIGH, N.C. – May 16, 2023 – Industry Intelligence leader Vertical IQ has announced the acquisition of Local Market Monitor, which provides timely assessments and forecasts of more than 300 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), 2,000 counties, and 20,000 ZIP codes across the U.S. The asset purchase will include Local Market Monitor’s current employees and customers.

Local Market Monitor founder and president Ingo Winzer has won four Pulsenomics Crystal Ball Awards, which honors the most accurate and reliable forecasters for residential real estate prices. He is a recognized expert on real estate markets and economies, and his views are frequently cited in national publications such as Forbes, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Think Realty, and Housing Wire. 

This strategic purchase will enable Vertical IQ to provide its Industry Intelligence customers with deeper, more granular data at the local level, explains Bobby Martin, CEO and cofounder of Vertical IQ.

“Vertical IQ has long-relied upon the exceptional local economic data provided by Local Market Monitor,” Martin notes. “This acquisition will allow us to better showcase the local economic conditions that drive success for a particular industry at the MSA and even the county level – key drivers such as wages, housing prices, construction, and employment.”

The addition of Local Market Monitor to Vertical IQ’s portfolio also will add to the firm’s product offerings, notes Vertical IQ president David Buffaloe. “While Vertical IQ will continue to enhance our Industry Intelligence product using their outstanding data, Local Market Monitor will remain a standalone offering as well,” Buffaloe explains. “We are thrilled to be able to provide this new product that enables bankers and investors to better-analyze real estate values using Local Market Monitor’s award-winning Equilibrium Home Prices.”

Winzer also welcomes the advantages to the company’s existing clients that will come from the acquisition by Vertical IQ. “When I founded Local Market Monitor in 1990 as a quarterly publication, I never could have imagined the reach our data could achieve,” says Winzer. “Now, by joining forces with Vertical IQ, I’m thrilled that we will be able to extend our product offering to an even wider array of users and use our expertise to enhance their Industry Intelligence platform.”

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Local Market Monitor provides award-winning national real estate economic analysis and forecasting tools, offering investors in homes and home mortgages the local market risk intelligence they need to make informed decisions. Using a proprietary formula called the Equilibrium Home Price, Local Market Monitor determines if markets are currently over- or under-valued, equipping users with a long-term risk and investment perspective. Local Market covers more than 300 local markets across the U.S. and offers real estate investors reporting tools such as Home Price Valuation, Mortgage Portfolio Valuation, Mortgage Portfolio Stress Test, Home Price and Rent Forecasts, Local Market Reviews and Business Growth Reports.