Industry Intelligence firm adds key partnerships as well as an array of capabilities to improve personalization, shareability of its content.

Raleigh, N.C. – January 12, 2023 – Industry Intelligence leader Vertical IQ is poised for continued momentum and revenue growth in 2023, propelled by strong sales, customer retention and innovative product enhancements. Current and new strategic partnerships continue to create opportunities and expand usage of their Industry Intelligence platform.

Improved actionability, customization of Industry Intelligence

Throughout 2022, Vertical IQ rolled out a number of product enhancements — many based on direct feedback from their users.

    • Co-branding: Subscriber organizations’ logos can be added to the top of Vertical IQ’s content to create a value-added touchpoint.
    • Sector Profiles: Continuing to build out its macroeconomic analysis capabilities, Vertical IQ added 11 new Sector Profiles including: U.S. Accommodation and Food Services; U.S. Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing; U.S. Educational Services; U.S. Information Sector; U.S. Real Estate Sector; and U.S. Transportation and Warehousing.
    • Shareable Industry “Snippets”: With just a click, share portions of Vertical IQ’s Industry Intelligence in an email or social media post.
    • Role-Based Prep Sheets: One of Vertical IQ’s most popular features, these are customized based on a user’s specific job function, such as commercial banker, treasury management, sales or business consultant.
    • Enhanced Industry News: Incorporates data from Nexis Newsdesk™, a top provider of news and media content, to increase Vertical IQ subscribers’ access to industry news articles.
    • General Sales Platform: An even more streamlined, timesaving version of Vertical IQ’s traditional platform geared towards sales and marketing professionals.

Each of these product updates was strategically scoped and implemented to make Industry Intelligence more actionable and better meet the unique needs of Vertical IQ users, explains Vertical IQ president David Buffaloe.

“We at Vertical IQ pride ourselves on being customer-centric, and these recent product enhancements further prove it,” says Buffaloe. “The General Sales Platform and Role-Based Prep Sheets make it simple for sales professionals to prepare quickly and effectively for calls/meetings, while enhancements like Shareable Snippets and Co-branding make it even easier to customize and share Industry Intelligence with your clients and prospects. These can be timesaving game-changers for users looking to boost sales engagement and win more deals.”

New collaborations to boost content, save time

In addition to product enhancements, Vertical IQ also formed partnerships with several organizations in 2022 with the goal of further improving the service it provides to users and enhancing its content. These new synergistic collaborations are in addition to successful ongoing relationships between Vertical IQ and partners such as S&P Global Market Intelligence and RelPro, as well as The Risk Management Association (RMA), which incorporates Vertical IQ’s Industry Intelligence into its eMentor platform.

In April of 2022, Vertical IQ announced a product integration partnership  with Groove, the leading sales engagement platform for enterprises using Salesforce. The collaboration allows relationship managers and other financial services professionals to easily access Vertical IQ’s Industry Intelligence within the Groove platform.

“This partnership and integration with Groove is a prime example of the type of strategic relationships Vertical IQ has formed over the years, enabling us to provide an even better product to our customers,” notes Vertical IQ CEO and cofounder Bobby Martin. “Incorporating Industry Intelligence into Groove streamlines access to the insights financial services pros need in order to have more relevant, impactful sales conversations at every stage of the customer journey. It’s a huge timesaver for sales professionals and a differentiating value-add from the client or prospect’s perspective.”

Then, in July, Vertical IQ released a new in-depth U.S. Sector Profile on Nonprofits, thanks in part to content collaboration with Candid, the trusted source for unbiased nonprofit financial data.

“Nonprofit financial data is different from other industries due to nonprofit entities’ use of fund accounting to capture grants, donations and other accounts,” Martin explains. “By adding data from Candid into our U.S. Nonprofits Sector Profile, Vertical IQ users now have this critical insight right at their fingertips to compare nonprofit clients with similar entities.”

In addition to the collaboration with Groove and Candid, Vertical IQ formed several other strategic partnerships in 2022, including with Accrue, Bigtincan, Highspot and 6sense, which continue to increase product integration and access to Industry Intelligence for research, sales enablement and risk management.

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