New Sector Profiles include additional content, proprietary insights, enhancing Vertical IQ’s existing product offering.

Raleigh, North Carolina, August 17, 2021 — Industry Intelligence leader Vertical IQ has launched another enhancement to their online industry insight capabilities: US Sector Profiles. These newest profiles showcase a macro-level look at the major segments of the economy.

The initial launch includes US Sector Profiles for Construction, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and Wholesale Trade. Additional new Sector Profiles such as Nonprofits (Social Assistance), Transportation and Warehousing, Professional Services, Mining/Energy Extraction, Finance/Insurance and more will be added in the coming months.

In addition to Vertical IQ’s existing chapters, these new US Sector Profiles include brand-new sector-specific chapters such as:

  • Geographic Breakdown: A state-by-state look at the number of businesses operating within that sector, including an interactive map
  • Technology Investment: A deeper dive into the technologies that are vital to the sector’s success
  • Sector Indicators & Drivers: Uses API technology to feed in a host of relevant charts and data points on trends for orders, shipments, inventory and more
  • Executive Talking Points: Breaks down key talking points and questions by C-suite role

“The robust information within these new Sector Profiles takes Vertical IQ’s Industry Intelligence to a higher level,” explains Bobby Martin, CEO and co-founder of Vertical IQ. “This type of broad, macroeconomic insight is just what sales, marketing and customer success professionals need to be ready for any interaction with their prospects and customers. It is also helpful for those underwriting credit risks. Sector Profiles are the ideal complement to the micro-level information found within each of our Industry Profiles.”

Current Vertical IQ users can access the Sector Profiles from the Categories list within the platform, and the available Sector Profiles will be displayed at the top of the applicable category.

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