Enhancement provides Vertical IQ users expanded analysis on a particular industry’s forecasted growth.

Raleigh, N.C. – June 8, 2022Industry Intelligence leader Vertical IQ has released an enhancement to its industry forecasting information available to its users. In response to customer feedback, the Industry Forecast chapter of each Industry Profile now contains greater detail and data to support the forecast, all at no additional cost to subscribers.

This enhancement is designed to boost credit and sales professionals’ confidence and credibility when advising a business owner on why a certain industry is forecasted to grow or shrink. It also facilitates an assessment of future industry performance based upon economic undercurrents that impact growth.

An improved forecasting model

This newly enhanced forecast data is based on the Long-term Interindustry Forecasting Tool (LIFT), developed by economic insight and analysis experts Inforum, an economic research organization formerly at the University of Maryland. LIFT is an interindustry-macro [IM] model of the US economy, which incorporates annual economic and demographic data from government statistical agencies, and then analyzes relationships among the data to simulate and to project economic developments.

“LIFT employs a ‘bottom-up’ approach to macroeconomic modeling,” explains Ronald Horst, Research Director at Inforum. “This structure supports analysis of how changes in one industry, such as increased productivity or changing international trade patterns, affect related sectors and the aggregate quantities. In this way, the model works like the actual economy, building the macroeconomic totals from details of industry activity.”

Improving industry analysis, client advice

In addition to economic charts that showcase the factors driving an industry’s revenue growth or losses, Vertical IQ’s enhanced Industry Forecast chapters now provide even more salient details, notes Bobby Martin, co-founder and CEO of Vertical IQ.

“With this improvement, users will find a written description of the economic conditions for sectors driving the outcomes of a particular industry,” Martin explains. “For example, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning [HVAC] industry is heavily impacted by residential construction conditions, so our Industry Forecast chapter for HVAC now includes a written outlook for residential construction, among other economic drivers that affect HVAC.”

Martin emphasizes the value this type of in-depth data offers. “When a bank officer or financial consultant is armed with this understanding, it enables them to share valuable forecasted growth insights with clients, allowing them to become better advisors to that person’s business.”

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