Golf Courses & Country Clubs

Golf Courses & Country Clubs


The 10,300 golf courses and country clubs in the US can be broadly classified as public, private, or semi-private facilities. Golf courses typically offer only golf, and related golf services or products, while country clubs usually offer more extensive recreational activities, such as swimming and tennis. Country clubs also tend to be more private facilities, and usually offer more social services, such as a full service restaurant, formal dining room, and banquet/meeting facilities.

Overbuilt Supply Of Courses

The 1990’s saw an explosion in the number of new golf courses built, driven by a robust economy, the beginning of baby boomer retirement, and an increasing interest in golf brought on by superstars like Tiger Woods.

Ownership Of Multiple Courses

With so many golf courses across the nation struggling to survive, some opportunistic investors are finding success in acquiring and operating multiple courses in one geographical area as a way to pool resources, reduce maintenance costs, and market attractive combined playing options.