Museums, Zoos and Parks

Museums, Zoos and Parks


The 7,200 firms operating museums, zoos and parks in the US earn revenue from contributions, gifts, and grants (public and private sources); admission fees; investment income; and resale of merchandise. Museums preserve and exhibit objects of historical, cultural and/or educational value. Historical sites involve the preservation and exhibition of sites, buildings, forts, or communities that are related to events or persons of historical significance. Zoos exhibit animal life displays. Natural parks are natural areas designated for the enjoyment of the public.

Dependence on Donations

Museums, natural parks, zoos, and related organizations are highly dependent on contributions, gifts, and grants, which account for over 40% of revenue.

Demographic Challenges

The increasing diversity of the US population creates challenges for museums, natural parks, and zoos, which have struggled to appeal to non-white audiences.