Plywood and Engineered Wood Manufacturers


The 1,100 companies in the US produce a variety of wood-based and wood-like products, including plywood, veneer, and reconstituted wood products. Major revenue categories include plywood and veneer (hard or soft wood); reconstituted wood sheets and boards (particle board); roof and floor trusses; and engineered wood products. Firms may also manufacture related products or kits, such as outdoor furniture, pergolas, or specialized saws. Engineered wood is a term that may apply to the entire industry (veneer, plywood, reconstituted wood, trusses, and composite products) or just composite products.

Sensitivity to Economic Conditions and the Construction Sector

Demand for plywood and engineered wood products is highly dependent on the health of the construction industry, which is sensitive to economic conditions.

High Capital Requirements

Production of plywood and engineered wood products requires an investment in specialized equipment and machinery.