Soft Drink Manufacturers

Soft Drink Manufacturers


The 310 soft drink manufacturers in the US produce carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. Major flavor groups include cola, heavy citrus, lemon lime, pepper, orange, and root beer. The category also includes regular (or full-calorie), diet, and seltzer beverages. Firm may also produce bottled water; sports drinks; energy drinks; juice, dairy or plant-based beverages; and tea and coffee drinks.

Carbonated Market Decline

The carbonated soft drink (CSD) market is mature and declining, with health-conscious consumers turning to more wholesome options.

Craft Soda Craze

Craft sodas, also known as artisanal, specialty, or small-batch sodas, have bucked the category trend and leveraged premium and natural ingredients, creative flavors, limited runs, unusual packaging and local roots to drive sales.