Vertical IQ is an innovative industry research platform

We help prepare bankers, accountants, advisors, consultants, valuators, and investors who deeply care about providing expertise to their business clients. With actionable content covering more than 500 industries, Vertical IQ quickly turns you into an industry expert; helping you land new business and retain existing customers.

What makes Vertical IQ so unique?

Our industry research has been incorporated into the successful sales processes of organizations of all sizes. By arming professionals with easy-to-digest industry insight, Vertical IQ saves time in call preparation and helps differentiate you from the competition. It allows you to build valuable relationships and have smarter conversations with business customers.

Our more than 500 industry profiles are specifically designed to help you specialize in your clients’ businesses, and our content is high-impact and tactical. Utilizing the industry intelligence found on Vertical IQ improves prospecting, call preparation, follow-ups, touchpoints, and solidifies relationships.