There is arguably no one busier than a small to mid-sized business (SMB) owner. Because they are wearing so many different hats, SMB owners often don’t have the time to concern themselves with news about their own industry. But when you send them news and engage with them about these relevant topics, it can help them think more broadly about how to improve their company.

News they can use

As a professional services provider calling on and working with these SMB owners, you have a unique opportunity to take some of these work responsibilities off of their plate. And one important role you can fill is curator of current industry news.

When you share timely and relevant news and ideas about a prospect’s industry—instead of just giving them details about whatever product or service YOU sell—it increases your credibility as an advisor to them and their company.

3 ways to use industry news to spur discussion

  1. Print articles to take on calls. It’s a great way to initiate a meaningful conversation about how the trend featured in the news article might apply to them and their company. Highlight interesting parts of the article that stood out to you as valuable to them. Or, make a note about parts of the article that add value. Staple your business card to the print out, and it also can make for a helpful leave-behind.
  2. Include articles when sending prospect emails or letters. Again, attaching to your email or printing and jotting a note on a timely article creates an easy way to remain in touch between meetings. Always read the article and provide the client a short executive summary of it, and include one part of the article that stood out to you. Ask if you can set up a time to further discuss the article’s topic in person.
  3. Review industry news headlines when preparing for networking events. Get the scoop on the latest happenings within the vertical before you go to an industry event. It gives you a great conversation starter topic when you meet a new prospect. You may just be the hit of the event!

Vertical IQ makes it simple

No need to comb through countless newspapers, magazines, and websites to get the latest industry news. We’ve done the research and compilation for you.

When you first log into Vertical IQ, you will see a News link in the main navigation bar, as well as a “Search News Stories” box in the center-left of the main page. That’s a fast way to look for articles that are timely and relevant to your client or prospect.

Additionally, you can find industry-specific articles on the Dashboard for each of our 450+ Industry Profiles. Simply log into Vertical IQ, and search for the desired industry on the main Vertical IQ homepage. Then, once you’re on that Industry Profile’s Dashboard, you will see News in the main navigation bar.

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