You’ve heard of industry information, industry insights, and industry research, but what exactly is “Industry Intelligence”? At Vertical IQ, we like to say that Industry Intelligence means using specific, timely industry data sources to help companies build relationships and increase sales.

You’ve also probably read or heard us talk about how our Industry Intelligence can be used to get bankers, financial planners, accountants, and other sales pros up to speed quickly on the companies they are calling on. But it’s also important to think about the many ways that these insights can be used to improve your marketing strategies and tactics.

Equipping yourself with Industry Intelligence can help marketers:

  • Target your content based on your bank or firm’s initiatives, sending current, topical information to clients and prospects.
  • Create industry-specific content for digital campaigns, becoming the go-to source with industry-focused blogs and social media posts.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the credit risks inherent within an industry.
  • Brand your bank or firm as a trusted advisor.
  • Support the Sales team by arming them with the right tools.

Overcome marketing hurdles

Let’s say you are a marketing director at a bank. One of the common challenges you may face is implementing successful marketing initiatives that create differentiation. Or maybe your bank struggles with meeting new customer goals. For marketing directors at accounting firms, some common issues may be growing revenue with a limited budget and how to succeed with industry specialization.

No matter your role, Industry Intelligence can help you overcome all of these marketing hurdles, providing you with specific, timely industry data sources to build relationships and increase sales. It gives you critical information and insights about industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, in turn allowing you to help your sales professionals understand what to say with prospects and customers to win, grow, and retain more business.

How Industry Intelligence helps

Industry Intelligence benefits your marketing initiatives because it is:


Yes, you can find anything on the internet, but that isn’t always a positive. You don’t need “just anything” when pursuing new business — you need “the right thing.” You need the specific, nuanced information that Industry Intelligence offers, helping you not just be more “aware” when engaging a prospect, but more “insightful.”


As the pace of change continually accelerates, Industry Intelligence helps ensure that your sales approach successfully leverages timely and relevant data.

The “What”

Sales Intelligence can provide you with “the who” — i.e., in-depth company and contact data. But there’s still something missing. That’s where Industry Intelligence comes in and delivers “the what” — what success looks like to your prospect, what’s keeping them up at night, and what you can say to add value and build trust.

Start building more effective marketing programs

Industry Intelligence, like you will find on Vertical IQ, arms you with the insights you need about your clients and prospects, enabling you to create tailored marketing initiatives that truly speak to a company’s opportunities and pain points. Our 500+ Industry Profiles include industry-specific financial data, the latest industry news, details about cash flow, popular product offerings and associated risks, as well as timely COVID-19 facts and trends.

Plus, our Industry Intelligence is actionable and convenient. More than just market research, we deliver high-impact, tactical content that makes you an expert in your clients’ businesses. By doing your homework on Vertical IQ, you and your team will be able to focus on the most targeted content to share, the best questions to ask, start the right conversations, and land the kinds of business your organization is pursuing.

Arming marketing professionals like you with easy-to-digest industry insights, Vertical IQ saves time and money, but it also gives you the information you need to create tailored, targeted programs and communication pieces that differentiate you from the competition. Now that’s the kind of “intelligence” you can really use!

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Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels