two people talking; the why of industry intelligenceIf you’re like me, you’re finally back into the groove after the holiday season and ready to press full steam ahead into this new year. That means it’s time to lean into those 2022 sales performance and process improvement goals!

To achieve your objectives for this year, you of course need to get focused, organized, and motivated, but there’s a key ingredient you may be overlooking. The secret to success in 2022 is Industry Intelligence.

The “Why”s of Industry Intelligence

Industry Intelligence gives you the insights and tools you need to win new deals and grow existing relationships. But maybe you’re not exactly sure why you should be using Industry Intelligence in the first place.

Whether you are prospecting new business, managing existing relationships, or nurturing clients in order to grow your business with them, Industry Intelligence gives you timely, relevant information and insights to connect and consistently deliver more value.

Here are a few of the most important reasons you should incorporate Industry Intelligence into your processes:

Industry Intelligence expands your knowledge base. First and foremost, Industry Intelligence teaches you the ins and outs of a client’s or prospect’s industry. In short: You gain insights about what it looks like to do business within a particular niche. You learn the lingo and the landscape so you can talk the talk and have industry-focused conversations.

Industry Intelligence gives you the latest scoop. Good Industry Intelligence is timely and up to date with the latest research, trends, and news. This helps you keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening within a client’s or prospect’s industry that might be impacting their business so you can be proactive with your advice and solutions.

Industry Intelligence tells you what keeps a business owner up at night. Every business owner worries about some aspect of their company. Industry Intelligence lets you in on the risks and threats within each industry — issues that might be giving your client or prospect heartburn — so you can offer guidance on how to address those issues.

Industry Intelligence increases your credibility. Asking, “So, how’s business?” does nothing to build your rapport with a client or prospect — or boost your confidence, for that matter. Industry Intelligence gives you insights on the nuances within an industry so you can ask focused questions and have conversations with a business owner that highlight your value as an advisor to them and their company.

Industry Intelligence shows you which niches to pursue. Not all industries were created equal; some have more potential than others. Industry Intelligence guides you to the niches that might be most attractive for your portfolio or your organization based on certain criteria like cash flow, projected growth, working capital needs, geographic density, and more.

Industry Intelligence keeps you connected with clients and prospects. Touchpoints are supposed to keep you top-of-mind with business owners, but generic communications are easy to forget. Industry-specific news articles, quarterly industry updates, business valuation data — there are numerous options for shareable Industry Intelligence content that is tailored and truly valuable to a business owner.

Industry Intelligence helps you problem-solve. Perhaps most importantly, Industry Intelligence lets you be the hero. When you understand the way an industry works — the operations, the challenges, the trends — you are equipped to provide a business owner with tailored guidance on solutions that will help them succeed.

New ways to access the Industry Intelligence you need

No matter your needs or your budget, Vertical IQ has tailored Industry Intelligence that will give you access to the insights to win new deals and grow existing relationships.

In December, Vertical IQ revamped its website, launching a new ecommerce site and unveiling our new, free Industry Profile Excerpts covering hundreds of industries. You can see the full list of industries here. Each Industry Profile Excerpt includes portions of the most popular sections found in our full Industry Profile reports.

What’s that? You need more information than this on a particular industry or industries? We also launched two new purchase options:

  • Our full Industry Profiles are now available for à la carte purchase. You’ll get the complete 12 chapters of comprehensive data and analysis found in an Industry Profile, downloadable as a PDF.
  • An individual user subscription gives you full access to our Industry Profiles covering more than 90 percent of the U.S. economy and Canada, thousands of Local Economies reports, Global Perspectives, and more. (This is of course in addition to our enterprise subscriptions for organizations.)

Ready to get started?

Get your 2022 goals off to a strong start by tapping into the power of Industry Intelligence! It’s easy to get started. Just visit Vertical IQ to learn more about our various Industry Intelligence options. Cheers to a successful 2022!

Photo credit:  Alexander Suhorucov from Pexels


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