Technology, almost by definition, is intended to make our lives easier (although sometimes we find the opposite is true!). In the workplace, technology can improve convenience, efficiency, and productivity, which in turn saves businesses time and money.

One example of an innovative technological advancement that has successfully streamlined and simplified life for sales and marketing professionals is the sales engagement platform. These systems offer tools, processes, and content that enable companies to move their prospects through the sales workflow more efficiently (and, I would argue, more enjoyably too!). There are a number of great sales engagement tools out there, and the best ones allow users to seamlessly deliver value throughout the sales process.

One way to add value to prospective relationships is to incorporate Industry Intelligence in each touchpoint along the buyer’s journey. In fact, that’s among our top objectives here at Vertical IQ! To this end, we are excited to share that Vertical IQ has recently formed a strategic partnership with Groove.

>> Press Release: Groove and Vertical IQ Partner to Bring Industry Knowledge to Relationship Managers’ Fingertips 

Get into the Groove

Groove is a sales engagement platform that automatically syncs Salesforce users’ emails, calendar entries, calls, and more with the Salesforce CRM. Now, with our products’ recent integration, joint Vertical IQ-Groove customers can easily access Industry Intelligence from their Gmail, Outlook, or any other webpage, via the Groove Omnibar.

This one-click access to timely, relevant industry insight directly from the Groove Omnibar can save hours of research time and facilitate easy incorporation of value-added industry content into your sales workflows.

Whether it’s before, during, or after a meeting, Groove and Vertical IQ ensure that sales professionals have the Industry Intelligence they need to establish and maintain a strong relationship at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

>> Check out this short demo video to see how Vertical IQ and Groove work together!

Integration benefits

The Vertical IQ-Groove partnership is all about efficiency. Our integration enables you to easily keep your Salesforce activities current, but also puts salient information about the industry of the company you’re calling on right at your fingertips within your inbox. Groove keeps track of your sales activities, and with the new Vertical IQ integration, you also can know what to say — no Google search needed.

Organizations with Salesforce should consider taking advantage of this strategic partnership between Vertical IQ and Groove in order to:

  •       Boost productivity: Improve workflow efficiency with easy access to relevant CRM and industry information from the inbox or any other webpage.
  •       Build trust: Gain credibility as a trusted advisor by sharing accurate and relevant knowledge in every engagement with prospects and customers.
  •       Customize every interaction: Surface relevant and detailed information to have impactful conversations that drive the deal forward at every stage.

A “Groove-y” strategic partnership

For sales and marketing professionals, sales engagement platforms are intended to make your life easier. By integrating with Groove, Vertical IQ allows you to easily incorporate Industry Intelligence into value-added conversations – right from your inbox. What a fantastic way to put relationships first and talk to your customers about what is most meaningful to them!

Joint customers of Groove and Vertical IQ can take advantage of the integration immediately at no extra cost. Contact your Groove or Vertical IQ account manager for more information.

We’re so excited about this new product integration that we’re actually going to be adding Groove to our own sales and customer service toolbox here at Vertical IQ. We can’t wait to experience for ourselves the power of this “Groove-y” collaboration!