As the third week of the new year comes to a close — how is your New Year’s resolution holding out? Our own Customer Success team came up with a list of intentions for 2024, some related to their professional lives and some on a more personal level. Let’s take a look at how their New Year’s resolutions might be of use to you as well, and how Industry Intelligence from Vertical IQ can be the key to success!

Get organized (Nicolle DeLiso)

If your hectic schedule is making your head spin, getting more organized in the new year could be life-changing! Nicolle has some weekly habits that help her stay organized. And at work, Vertical IQ has a number of built-in features that also can be useful in this endeavor. For instance, mark industries as a “Favorite” to save time navigating in future visits. Or, try subscribing to Quarterly Alerts to stay in the know about industries that are important to you (they are great to share with clients/prospects too!). Also, be sure to check out our user guide for inspiration on ways to incorporate Industry Intelligence into your calling strategy.

Reduce stress (Courtney Farfour)

We could all use a little less stress in our lives, right? Courtney wants to work on lowering her stress in 2024, and what better way to alleviate anxiety than by being well-prepared. With Industry Intelligence, you can prep for upcoming calls and meetings in a flash, getting up to speed on a client’s or prospect’s industry in just minutes. It also enables you to ask the right questions so you can add value with each interaction, provide more tailored solutions, and remain top-of-mind. By using this time- and effort-saving resource, you’ll have one less thing to worry about!

Practice self-reflection (Anne Elizabeth Harrell)

The fresh start of a new year is a good time for introspection, and Anne Elizabeth is striving to focus more on how she treats both herself and others in 2024. Her three mantras can have work-life applicability as well:

    • Don’t be too hard on yourself: We all make the occasional mistake, but being well-prepared makes missteps less likely. Vertical IQ quickly gets you ready for more successful calls by giving you crucial insights into a client’s or prospect’s industry.
    • Lead with compassion: Industry Intelligence helps you ask the right questions so you can see things through a business owner’s eyes. This in turn enables you to provide better service and more personalized solutions.
    • Keep it simple: You can quickly find what you need with Vertical IQ’s streamlined layout. And our simple, timesaving tools like the Big Picture Video and Prep Sheet can help you prepare for a meeting in just minutes.

Get fit (Ruth Keyes)

Ruth is going for a twofer with her resolution: Getting more fit mentally and physically. She’s going to work on logging more steps and kicking her creativity into high gear by reviewing a client account and then taking an outdoor walk to noodle on the relationship in the fresh air. Industry Intelligence can help you get this same type of two-for-one benefit. Peruse the Industry Profile or Quarterly Email for a client’s or prospect’s industry, then take a walk to think about how you can personalize your messaging with them and offer them more tailored solutions too.

Save money (Jessie Teal)

If you’re trying to build up your nest egg in 2024, you’re not alone. Jessie is saving up to buy a house, which means buckling down on splurge spending. But make no mistake: Your team’s access to Vertical IQ is a must-have, and it actually can save your organization money because it helps you save time. Preparing for a sales call, underwriting credit, advising new business owners, developing forecasts — you name it — Industry Intelligence from Vertical IQ puts fast, easy, reliable data at your fingertips, which can save you hours of research time.

Contact us today to learn more about Vertical IQ’s timesaving, actionable Industry Intelligence tools … and cheers to continued success in 2024!

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