It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year! Since I was a kid, the 4th of July has always been about family, fun, and fireworks — and this year is no different. We have kicked off the holiday week with family at one of our favorite places: North Myrtle Beach, S.C. There is nothing like sand, salt air, and the ocean to help rejuvenate you, even if I am sharing the beach with a few thousand other people!

While New Castle, Pa., lays claim to the title “Fireworks Capital of America,” South Carolina is renowned as a firework-friendly state, so many visitors to the state’s Grand Strand stock up on the pyrotechnic fun. Sales for consumer fireworks (the ones people buy at the store or roadside stand) were close to $2.2 billion in 2023, but personally, I like to leave it to the professionals, which is why you will find me watching the 4th of July fireworks from the iconic Cherry Grove Pier.

Fireworks have a unique power to bring people together as we celebrate our nation’s birthday and share experiences with a touch of enchantment. The enchantment is even more magical when you see the sparkles reflected in the water. As I prepare to watch the traditional Independence Day displays, it’s fascinating to think about the journey those fireworks took to get here. Let’s explore what makes fireworks distributors tick …

Putting fireworks distributors on full display

Vertical IQ’s niche Industry Profile, Fireworks Distributors, provides all of the data you need to become an expert in this “hot” industry.

According to Vertical IQ, firework distributors buy fireworks from manufacturers and resell them to commercial firms, retailers, and directly to consumers. This includes everything from the aerial tubes and finale racks to bottle rockets and Roman candles.

Did you know that total revenue for the fireworks industry has soared by 172% over the last decade, reaching a whopping $2.7 billion in 2023? Consumer fireworks alone made up $2.2 billion of that total, with professional display fireworks accounting for $500 million. It’s no wonder that Independence Day is the biggest driver of fireworks sales!

Niche but mighty

At Vertical IQ, we pride ourselves on offering in-depth insights into a wide array of smaller industries through our comprehensive Niche Profiles. While these profiles are shorter than our standard 30+-page Industry Profiles, they still pack quite a punch in their 14 pages. A few of the advantages that a Niche Profile brings to the table include:

    • Targeted industry insights
      Niche Profiles offer details on specialties that exist within a broader industry (for instance, Patent Attorneys is a Niche Profile falling under the larger Law Firms Industry Profile). By focusing on a niche, you gain targeted insights that help you understand unique trends, challenges, and risks. This deep level of knowledge is invaluable for making informed decisions and meeting the needs of a niche business owner.
    • Competitive advantage
      With access to niche-specific data, you can identify and leverage unique opportunities (or risks) that your competitors might overlook. Understanding the intricacies of a niche market allows you to develop strategies that differentiate you from others.

So, here’s to a spectacular 4th of July filled with fireworks and, of course, Vertical IQ’s Industry Intelligence! Whether you’re at the beach or celebrating in your hometown, make it a safe and memorable holiday. (Hopefully, we’ve all learned our lesson about the inherent danger of fireworks after this extraordinary failure from last year!)

Stay tuned for more summer road trip adventures with the Vertical IQ team. Where will we travel next?

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