Impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Industry Impacts

As the situation surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, industries are experiencing the impacts in various ways. As the leading provider of Industry Intelligence for those advising small- and medium-sized businesses, our research team is working to provide timely and relevant updates on how specific industries have been affected by COVID-19.

Industry Updates

Top Performing and Hardest Hit Industries

The impacts of coronavirus and COVID-19 continue to be felt differently across various industries. During resulting quarantines, some industries have seen a rise in demand and a push to be deemed “essential” for local, state, and national governments, while other industries have experienced a decline in demand or have struggled to survive numerous shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders.

Most Impacted Industries

Economy Updates

The economic impact of coronavirus and the subsequent quarantine and shut-downs is still widely debated. As data is being made available from various resources, we can start to see trends and evidence of widespread and varied impacts.

Economic Updates

Sector Updates

While individual industries feel the impacts of coronavirus and the subsequent economic impacts very differently, looking at the impact of industry sectors allows us to draw conclusions and see trends across various industries operating in a similar space in the overall economy.

Sector Impacts