Vertical IQ, a Raleigh-based industry research firm that helps thousands of professionals who advise small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), has created a new webpage that publishes expert research on how the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) is affecting specific industries and sectors of the economy.

The page,, does not require a Vertical IQ login to access and is available to the public at no cost. The Vertical IQ research team will regularly update this page with the latest insights on industries affected by COVID-19.

Examples of industries included on this feature page are Amusement Parks & Arcades, Convention & Trade Show Management, Medical & Imaging Labs, Restaurants, and more.

“This COVID-19-related industry intelligence is invaluable to organizations in several ways,” says Bobby Martin, CEO and co-founder of Vertical IQ. “We decided to publish this research at no cost to help organizations of all types understand the virus’ impact on businesses. This way, advisors are better able to help these businesses navigate through this challenging time.”

Martin notes that this type of focused industry intelligence is valuable for a variety of professionals including accountants, attorneys, bankers, financial advisors, media, and more. He encourages these advisors to share the knowledge they obtain on the Vertical IQ webpage with their customers and prospects to build trust, deepen relationships and win more business.

“For example, if you’re a banker, you can use this COVID-19-related industry intelligence to help track how specific loans and concentrations of loans may affect your bank,” says Martin. “Also, with many businesses shut down, meeting payroll and other working capital requirements will be difficult. Having this critical insight at your fingertips is an efficient way to see how other similar businesses are being impacted.”

Bill Walker, Vertical IQ co-founder and executive vice president in charge of research, also notes the importance of getting accurate information. “Rather than learning about industries in bits and pieces or from unreliable sources, we knew it was important for people to get information from an experienced industry intelligence partner written for those that advise small  and medium-sized businesses. That was the impetus for delivering this intelligence and making it free of charge.”

This Vertical IQ COVID-19 content is free for public use, and the information may be shared. For the convenience of Vertical IQ’s customers, each Coronavirus update also is included in the Vertical IQ platform as a Quarterly Update within the impacted industries.

Visit to learn more about the affected industries.

To learn more about the Vertical IQ product, visit Product.

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