Vertical IQ, a Raleigh-based industry research firm that helps thousands of professionals who advise small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), has upgraded its existing Local Economies data on over 300 metro areas to now include more than 3,100 counties in the U.S. In addition, they have updated the web-based interface with new interactive map capabilities and improved navigation to enhance the user experience.

“While the national economy gets a lot of attention, for many SMB owners, their local economy has a bigger influence on their success,” explains Bill Walker, Vertical IQ co-founder and executive vice president in charge of research. “By improving and expanding Local Economies, we can arm professionals who advise small and medium-sized businesses with the type of microeconomic data they need to better serve their customers.”

Vertical IQ subscribers can now search the Local Economies section of the platform for a specific metropolitan statistical area (MSA) or county. They can use the “Map View” to see other surrounding areas and click on a specific city or county. Users also can search by state, select the desired city or county, and click through to the specific area of interest. Each profile contains the latest data available on local population and income growth, employment, and local housing market, and an award-winning home and rent price forecast from Local Market Monitor.

The Overview page for each county includes a summary of key statistics and a new navigation menu, enabling users to delve deeper into specific chapters of the Local Economy profile.

The Local Economies portion of Vertical IQ has been gaining in popularity, and this enhancement brings to fruition a request made by many of their users. And the feedback is already positive.

“In order to bring new ideas to the table for customers and prospects, sales professionals need to understand the economic dynamics at play not just in our nation, but in their unique local area,” explains Jack Hubbard, chief experience officer of St. Meyer & Hubbard. “Using this expanded Local Economies information from Vertical IQ, users will be able to offer the solutions-focused advice that small business owners crave, tailored to their industry as well as their region. It’s a winning strategy to differentiate yourself from the competition.”

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