Vertical IQ, a Raleigh-based industry research firm that helps thousands of professionals who advise small to medium-sized businesses, has launched its new Freemium platform, bringing its software as a service (SaaS) model to the industry research space. This innovative approach to industry research will benefit a wide array of bankers, accountants, sales and marketing professionals, consultants, business owners and entrepreneurs.

With Vertical IQ’s new Freemium platform, creating an account is free, unlocking access to foundational information for over 280 of the company’s 400+ industry profiles. More comprehensive and detailed industry-specific data is available for purchase on a per-profile or subscription basis, giving users the option of buying only the information they need.

“Previously, professionally sourced industry research was only accessible by purchasing individual reports or subscription licenses, but the business model is evolving,” said Michael R. Levy, Principal at sales and marketing intelligence advisory GZ Consulting. “To fill a market need, Vertical IQ is now offering much of its valuable industry insights for free. This innovative approach delivers market research on a freemium, just-in-time basis – a first in the marketplace.”

Vertical IQ’s industry intelligence is delivered on a web-based digital platform. While their industry data is downloadable and formatted for easy printing, online access allows users to take advantage of interactive charts, focused chapter navigation, and easy organization. Once logged in, users will find both their purchased profiles and free-access profiles all in one place.

Because industries are constantly evolving, the Freemium platform’s industry data is updated monthly and sourced from the same database driving Vertical IQ’s full-access subscription platform, which currently has over 35,000 users — primarily bankers, accountants and consultants.

“Vertical IQ Freemium was created to fill the void for an easily-accessible, user-friendly industry research product,” explains Vertical IQ co-founder, Bobby Martin. “This new free version of our popular research platform puts valuable industry insights at the tips of your fingers in a matter of seconds.”

About Vertical IQ

Vertical IQ is an innovative industry research solution that helps prepare bankers, accountants and advisors of all types who advise small and medium-sized businesses. With actionable content covering nearly 400 unique industries, as well as 325 economic/industry reports for cities across the US, Vertical IQ quickly turns its users into industry experts, helping them land new business and retain existing customers. Vertical IQ’s industry research has been incorporated into the successful relationship management processes of organizations of all sizes. Learn more at