Vertical IQ, a Raleigh-based industry research firm that helps nearly 35,000 bankers, accountants and consultants who advise small and medium-sized businesses, has announced their free spring webinar series.

April 18, 2019 at noon EDT
What a Beer Cart Driver and Boutique Hotel Can Teach Us About Welcoming New Clients

Join Jack Hubbard, chief experience officer of St. Meyer & Hubbard, to learn what to consider before taking the onboarding plunge. With the many choices business owners have today, keeping them as clients for the long haul requires more than hope – you need a strategy.

This new and different level of connectivity and intimacy is especially critical in the first year of partnership. To help create that deeper level of connection, many financial service firms have turned to onboarding. Some have invested in automation technologies that promise to mitigate the costly issues that delay go-live dates and erode customer satisfaction. Technology is only half the answer. A great process involves people too.

This webinar includes a case study of how one company has maximized referrals, optimized cross-solving, and put millions in the pipeline with a systematic onboarding process.

May 29, 2019 at noon EDT
Save Me! Save Me Now!

Want to save your small to medium-sized clients from a one-in-four chance of disaster? Even worse, a disaster that they believe will never happen to them? Worse still, a disaster that could put them out of business? Then we need to talk about cash flow and fraud.

This webinar, presented by Nick Miller, president of Clarity Advantage and business relationship development expert, will focus on cash flow discussions and red flags for fraud vulnerability, with a focus on poor internal controls on cash flow, and the counsel you should share with every one of your clients until they are all fully protected. He will also share steps that financial pros can recommend to their clients to keep themselves safe.

June 19, 2019 at noon EDT
Building Prospecting Momentum

Hosted by banking industry sales expert, Ned Miller, this webinar will key in on which factors differentiate successful prospectors from less adept ones. Drawing on over 20 years of banking experience, Miller will help you assess your prospecting acumen and prioritize each day’s prospecting tasks.

He will then build upon this momentum to show webinar participants how to leverage their prospecting network by integrating industry expertise into their prospecting process.

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