Vertical IQ, a Raleigh-based industry research firm that helps thousands of professionals who advise small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), has significantly expanded its “Industry Risks” chapter, which will now be called “Credit Underwriting and Risks.” Additionally, they have added a new Industry Brief for each of their full Industry Profiles.

The enhanced Credit Underwriting and Risks insight now contains even more useful data to inform lenders’ credit decisions. It includes all of the platform’s previously available industry and company risk-related content, plus:

  • A proprietary Industry Risk Rating, which takes into account financial risk, exit rates, industry performance during downturns, barriers to entry, and the industry outlook
  • Key industry and economic performance metrics
  • The Financial Comparison Toolkit, a custom analytics calculator that enables you to compare your client’s key financial metrics to industry averages (results can easily be downloaded for discussion with your client or prospect)
  • Industry-specific credit underwriting-related considerations to assess before lending

“In today’s volatile market, loan credit underwriters are understandably cautious about their lending decisions,” explains Bobby Martin, co-founder and CEO of Vertical IQ. “The Credit Underwriting and Risks Chapter and Industry Brief are quick ways for bankers and credit professionals to get up to speed on the lending environment for a client’s or prospect’s particular industry.”

“Vertical IQ’s enhanced toolkit is like having an industry expert for credit analysts when they are structuring deals, for commercial lenders’ business development and for all decision-makers involved in the lending process,” says David Nicholson, owner of Credit Training, Inc., a commercial credit training and consulting company. “Commercial bankers need to be instant experts in all the industries they encounter, and Vertical IQ provides this essential expertise. It’s like having a highly experienced commercial banker right by your side, helping to make better credit decisions while also working more efficiently.”

The new Industry Brief is an easy-to-print resource that provides the information bankers need for call preparation and credit underwriting situations. Industry Briefs are available on each full Vertical IQ Industry Profile and contain:

  • An industry summary
  • An Industry Risk Rating
  • Key performance metrics, financial ratios, important credit underwriting-related considerations, and common industry-related risks
  • The Financial Comparison Toolkit

Nicholson continues: “I’ve worked in commercial banking for more than 22 years, and these enhancements to the credit-related insights offered from Vertical IQ are best in class in the industry. It is critical information bankers need right at their fingertips to build trust and win deals. Credit analysts and lenders will be able to do their job more efficiently, be more productive, and be able to make faster, better decisions.”

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