New York, NY – January 12, 2021 – S&P Global Market Intelligence, the division of S&P Global that provides data, essential insights and powerful analytics to help navigate the financial markets, and Vertical IQ, a leading provider of Industry Intelligence, announced today a strategic collaboration to share industry research and insights between their respective platforms to support U.S. financial institutions.


The collaboration will provide S&P Global Market Intelligence clients with access to Vertical IQ’s in-depth reports on industries covering the small-medium-enterprise (SME) landscape across more than 90% of the U.S. economy, including florists, breweries, laundromats, construction, manufacturing, etc. These comprehensive reports will include insights such as local business industry structure, working capital requirements, financial benchmarks, and tools built specifically for lenders. Vertical IQ also offers local economic profiles for over 300 metro areas and 3,100 counties.


“In these unprecedented times, financial institutions remain committed to the local markets they serve and continue to be a key driver behind the U.S. economy providing essential services to small businesses. Our collaboration with Vertical IQ highlights our continued commitment to providing local financial institutions with the tools and insights needed to offer additional financial access to small businesses. We are thrilled to be working with Vertical IQ and leveraging their unique expertise with industry insight and local/regional business economies,” said Jimmy Pittenger, Senior Director of Financial Institutions at S&P Global Market Intelligence.


“The strategic collaboration between Vertical IQ and S&P Global Market Intelligence is a natural fit that will expand the reach of both companies,” noted Bobby Martin, co-founder and CEO of Vertical IQ. “Our customers have been asking to have Vertical IQ’s Industry Intelligence combined with additional relevant data, offering a one-stop sales readiness solution. By integrating S&P Global Market Intelligence with our Industry Intelligence, we are giving bankers easy access to the actionable information they need right at their fingertips.”


The S&P Global Market Intelligence platform comprises a desktop offering providing vast market data, deep sector analysis, and sector-focused news to provide insights to investors and deal makers. Its XpressFeed™ solution uses the combined strength of S&P Global Market Intelligence and select third-party vendors to enhance internal analytics, financial portals, CRM, and more.


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Headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., Vertical IQ is a nationally recognized leader in Industry Intelligence. Whether they’re pitching a local brewery or a national biotech, successful sales and marketing teams use Vertical IQ to better understand a prospect’s or customer’s business challenges before, during, and after sales meetings. Covering more than 525 distinct industries, 3,400 local economies, and more than 90 percent of the U.S. economy, Vertical IQ equips users with the confidence and credibility to make memorable first impressions and sustain enduring relationships. Learn more about how Readiness Wins at


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