Unmatched Industry Intelligence, Powerful Strategic Partnerships, Innovation, and an Enhanced Digital Presence Drive Growth for Raleigh-Based Firm and its Customers

Raleigh, N.C. – January 21, 2021 – Industry Intelligence leader Vertical IQ is moving confidently into 2021 with impressive growth driven by unmatched industry insight, strong strategic partnerships, innovative sales tools, and an enhanced digital presence. 

“Vertical IQ fills the gap left by traditional sales tools and intelligence – and there has never been a stronger need for Industry Intelligence and truly innovative sales tools,” said CEO and cofounder Bobby Martin. “The simple fact is: Readiness wins in today’s business climate, and Vertical IQ is the only company dedicated to empowering real readiness and success for modern sales and marketing professionals.”  


Customer Acquisition and Engagement Jumped in 2020

While many businesses struggled in 2020, Vertical IQ increased both its customer base and product engagement. The company saw a 22 percent increase in customers last year. Customer engagement and product usage also jumped significantly, with a 120 percent increase in views of Call Prep Sheets, 98 percent more Quarterly Update Email views, and 34 percent more Sort & Target views.


“Sales and marketing pros are turning to Vertical IQ more often as it is the only Industry Intelligence provider delivering the actionable tools they need along with the highly specific and strategic data and insights business leaders require to address and solve unprecedented challenges right now,” said CMO David Buffaloe.


The company also introduced several new offerings in 2020, including a Credit Underwriting and Risk Solution, a new Industry Brief for each of their full Industry Profiles, and expanded local economic insights to include more than 3,100 counties. At the onset of the pandemic, Vertical IQ also proactively introduced COVID-19-related Industry Intelligence to help small and mid-sized businesses navigate the dramatic impact of COVID-19 on an array of industries and economic sectors. The company will continue to publish and provide its COVID-19 coverage to the public at no cost in 2021. 


Powerful Partnerships

As Vertical IQ’s flexible API makes it easy to integrate Industry Intelligence directly into established systems and sales tools, an array of powerful industry leaders have partnered with the company to provide convenient access to actionable and timely insights within the systems they already use every day. Most recently, the company announced a strategic collaboration with S&P Global Market Intelligence to share industry research and insights between their platforms to support U.S. financial institutions. 


Vertical IQ also partnered with Seismic to empower banks with more personalized client interactions. Joining forces with the industry-leading and award-winning sales enablement platform, Vertical IQ gives bankers the ability to access and use its Industry Intelligence together with Seismic LiveDocs® to generate tailored client-facing content for any industry, on any device, in minutes. 


In addition, an alliance and integration with RelPro offers shared customers with the ability to combine RelPro’s company- and contact-specific information with Vertical IQ’s Industry Intelligence, providing business development and relationship management professionals time-savings and the competitive advantage during pre-call research and planning as well as prospect and customer outreach. 


Forward Momentum & Enhanced Digital Presence

In 2021, Vertical IQ will further expand its reach with even deeper industry insight, focused regional and economic coverage, and targeted resources designed specifically for sales professionals. The company intends to fuel additional growth and expand product offerings via strategic partnerships with correlative technology providers and targeted hiring. 

The company also has launched a brand new website, which features easy navigation and direct access to the indispensable Industry Intelligence, focused sales tools, and essential resources Vertical IQ is known for and on which forward-thinking sales and marketing professionals rely. 

Visit www.verticaliq.com to learn more and request a demo. 



Headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., Vertical IQ is a nationally recognized leader in Industry Intelligence. Whether they’re pitching a local brewery or a national biotech, successful sales and marketing teams use Vertical IQ to better understand a prospect’s or customer’s business challenges before, during, and after sales meetings. Covering more than 525 distinct industries, 3,400 local economies, and more than 90 percent of the U.S. economy, Vertical IQ equips users with the confidence and credibility to make memorable first impressions and sustain enduring relationships. Learn more about how Readiness Wins at VerticalIQ.com.   


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