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Industry Overview

The 19,700 equipment and machinery repair services in the US are primarily engaged in restoring commercial and industrial equipment and machinery to working order. Firms also provide general and routine maintenance services to keep equipment operating efficiently and to prevent breakdowns and unnecessary repairs. The industry does not include automotive, electronic, or precision equipment repair services.

Competition from Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Both equipment manufacturers and wholesalers often view maintenance services as an attractive source of additional revenue and a way to maintain close relationships with customers.

Keeping Up with Technology Advances

As manufacturers introduce new types of machines and new models of existing products, repair services must quickly come up to speed on how to repair and service them effectively and efficiently.

Industry size & Structure

The average equipment and machinery repair service operates a single location, has fewer than 10 employees, and generates $2-3 million in annual revenue.

    • The industry consists of about 19,700 firms that employ 224,700 workers and generate $51.6 billion in annual revenue.
    • The industry is highly fragmented, as the largest 50 firms have 33% of industry revenue.
    • About 92% of firms operate a single location.
    • 63% of firms have fewer than 5 employees and 2.6% of firms have over 100 employees.
                                    Industry Forecast
                                    Equipment & Machinery Repair Services Industry Growth
                                    Source: Vertical IQ and Inforum

                                    Recent Developments

                                    Mar 19, 2024 - Firms Increase Prices
                                    • Equipment and machinery repair services modestly increased their prices during 2023, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Labor costs increased slightly during the first 11 months of 2023, as employment and average wages for nonsupervisory employees increased slightly during the period, according to the BLS.
                                    • Commercial Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings increased 72% year over year in 2023, according to Epiq AACER. Bankruptcy filings may reduce spending on equipment and machinery repair. Overall commercial filings increased 19%. Subchapter V bankruptcies within Chapter 11 increased 45% during the period. “Though still below pre-pandemic figures, bankruptcies in all filing categories climbed last year amid the evaporation of pandemic emergency responses, increased interest rates, and tougher lending standards,” said Amy Quackenboss, executive director at the American Bankruptcy Institute.
                                    • More large firms are likely to face high risk of insolvency during 2024 due to the “double whammy” of high borrowing costs and pressure on consumer budgets, according to insolvency experts including Rob Hornby, partner and managing director of AlixPartners. Equipment and machinery repair services may be negatively impacted if spending on maintenance decreases. The director at the restructuring and advisory specialist said that typically high-growth areas, such as technology, could see turbulence as financing comes under increased pressure. Hornby and Richard Fleming, also of AlixPartners, both said that they expected more firms to use restructuring plans this year in an effort to avoid full insolvency administrations.
                                    • At least 16 states are considering Right to Repair bills covering farm equipment, according to public-interest group PIRG. The state-by-state movement is happening in spite of the fact that the American Farm Bureau Federation has signed multiple memoranda of understanding with major machinery manufacturers to ensure farmers’ right to repair their own equipment. The first one came in January, when the Farm Bureau and John Deere announced an agreement that “formalizes farmers’ access to diagnostic and repair codes, as well as manuals … and product guides.” The federation has since announced agreements with CNH Industrial Brands, Kubota, and AGCO that, when combined, cover roughly 70% of the agricultural machinery sold in the US, according to the Farm Bureau.
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